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Spain Gastronomic Tour

Discover the rich and exciting gastronomy of Spain on our exclusive and personalized tour.

You will live a unique experience where every detail is carefully designed for you. Explore the authentic flavors and culinary secrets of this fascinating country while enjoying a close and friendly treatment.

With our expert local guides, you will discover the most delicious corners of cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Bilbao, delighting yourself with traditional dishes and discovering the best restaurants and wineries.

Let yourself be carried away by an unforgettable gastronomic experience that will awaken your senses and immerse you in the culinary culture of Spain!

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Enjoy a Unique Experience

Gastronomic Tour

Get going towards a gastronomic experience like no other in Spain. At Bookroad Travel, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive and personalized trip that will immerse you in the authentic flavors and culinary delights of this fascinating country.

Whether you’re a foodie, a culture lover, or an entrepreneur looking to impress your clients, our food tour is designed to exceed your expectations.

Discover the best restaurants in Spain

Martín Berasategui Restaurant

Gastronomic Tour

The Martin Berasategui restaurant is a true benchmark in haute cuisine. Run by the renowned Spanish chef Martín Berasategui, this establishment is located in Lasarte-Oria, in the Basque Country, and has an impressive culinary career.

The restaurant has been awarded multiple Michelin stars, confirming its excellence and its commitment to quality and innovation in every dish. With signature cuisine that blends Basque tradition with modern and avant-garde touches, Martin Berasategui offers a unique and high-level gastronomic experience.

The restaurant’s menu is characterized by a careful selection of top quality ingredients, combined with sophisticated and creative culinary techniques. Each dish is a culinary masterpiece, designed to delight the senses and surprise the diner with unique flavors and presentations.


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Akelarre Restaurant

Gastronomic Tour

With a privileged location on top of a hill, the Akelarre restaurant offers impressive panoramic views of the Cantabrian Sea, creating a unique and enveloping atmosphere for diners. Akelarre has been awarded multiple Michelin stars, highlighting his dedication to perfection and his continuous innovation in the kitchen.

Akelarre’s gastronomic proposal is based on a masterful fusion of traditional Basque cuisine with touches of modernity and creativity. The dishes are true culinary works of art, where careful and elegant presentation is combined with exquisite flavors and surprising contrasts.

The restaurant offers a variety of tasting menus that allow diners to enjoy a complete culinary experience, discovering a succession of meticulously prepared dishes. The quality of the ingredients used is paramount in Akelarre’s cuisine, and it is reflected in every bite.


Asador Etxebarri

Gastronomic Tours

Etxebarri restaurant is a world renowned gastronomic destination located in Axpe, a small town in the Basque Country, Spain. Led by the talented chef Víctor Arguinzoniz, this restaurant has earned the recognition and respect of lovers of haute cuisine for its unique approach to the grill and its masterful use of quality ingredients.

The essence of the Etxebarri restaurant lies in its culinary philosophy centered on fire and the grill. Chef Arguinzoniz is known for mastering the technique of grilling, using different types of wood to infuse the ingredients with a smoky flavor and exceptional texture.

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Elkano Restaurant

Gastronomic Tour

Elkano restaurant is a gastronomic treasure located in Getaria, a charming coastal town in the Basque Country, Spain. With a history that goes back more than 50 years, this family establishment has left an indelible mark on the world of Basque haute cuisine.

Elkano is known for its specialized approach to seafood, particularly its mastery of grilled sea bass. The restaurant is named after legendary Basque fisherman Juan Sebastián Elkano, and is famous for offering fresh, high-quality sea bass from the nearby waters.

Spain Gastronomic Tour

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We are specialized in the sector of personalized tours in the north of Spain and we have many years of experience taking the most demanding travelers.


Our focus on flexibility allows us to adapt to the individual needs of each client, providing tailor-made tours that meet their interests and preferences.

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Descubre los sabores auténticos de España con nuestros tours gastronómicos exclusivos, diseñados para brindarte una experiencia culinaria única y personalizada.

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Además de atender a particulares, ofrecemos tours gastronómicos personalizados para empresas. Impresiona a tus clientes o empleados con una experiencia exclusiva en la que podrán disfrutar de la gastronomía española mientras estrechan lazos y crean recuerdos duraderos.

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The Bookroad Travel team is made up of a group of professionals who are passionate about tourism and Spanish culture.

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